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Une chouette collection de liens top moumoute pour nous, les devs. Moumoute. Dave. On se comprend.

Updated 23 hours ago

Couple of HTML lines to get nice page preview on main social medias & instant messaging

Updated 7 days ago

a simple podcast player

Updated 1 week ago

trying to make the CSS reset great again

Updated 2 weeks ago

Notes autour de l'Univers, la galaxie Voie Lactée et la planète Terre.

Updated 2 weeks ago

a single bash script that helps you renaming (so organizing) thousands of snaps, videos, whatever

Updated 3 months ago

quelques conseils, qui n'engagent que moi, sur Pokémon, le Jeu de Cartes à Collectionner

Updated 5 months ago

just a quick sass boilerplate to start a new website

Updated 5 months ago

my deadbeef title formatting options

Updated 7 months ago

make the web light again

Updated 1 year ago

batch pictures (including raw format) and video thumbnails creator

Updated 1 year ago

just a bash script that helps you trimming your video, without encoding it

Updated 1 year ago

x264-Expecto-Patronum is a bash script that may help you producing high quality x264 videos for the web

Updated 1 year ago