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On Arch you can get this from the aur (package not maintained by me):


This is a much more simple version of the sponsorblock mpv plugin.

There are no other functions in this other than the sponsor skipping. Also this 
uses curl rather than python to get the ranges. There is also no cache so the 
ranges will get redownloaded if you watch a video more than once.

b toggles between on/off

This script has a few script-opts you can set:


This sets the url, where the script gets the segments from. Default is


This sets the segment categories that are skipped. By default only sponsor
segments are skipped. The format is a little tricky but lets say that you want
to skip sponsor and intro segments then you could do this:
You can find a list of all the categories here:


This option makes it so that the video id will not be sent to the sponsorblock
server, but a part of sha256 hash will be sent instead. You will need the
sha256sum program on your system to use this feature. Set to "true" to enable

Link to the original mpv sponsorblock plugin:

Link to sponsorblock: