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A Beautiful Gemini Client

Updated 1 day ago

Opinionated C11 library for low-level functionality

Updated 2 weeks ago

Java 120 17

Android client for Gitea(, or your custom hosted server)

Updated 1 month ago

Minimal self-hosted comment system

Updated 1 month ago


Updated 2 months ago

Home of delightful curated lists of free software, open science and information sources.

Updated 3 months ago

📦 Vulkan dev tests inside Linux/BSD written in C.

Updated 8 months ago

Random Identity Generator.

Updated 12 months ago

Collection of project-related media

Updated 1 year ago

Analyse persons online in a moodle. Analyse at your own risk. Only for testing.

Updated 2 years ago

A powerful, easy-to-use web framework for application development, built with Golang

Updated 2 years ago