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  • A follower of Jesus who also happens to write software.

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C 0 0

A micro-journaling tool

Updated 4 months ago

Markdown 0 0

My new website and blog built with Hugo

Updated 4 months ago

Dhall 1 0

Math functions in Haskell explained with literate programming

Updated 5 months ago

Rust 0 0

Work-in-progress "genetic" population simulations

Updated 6 months ago

Python 0 0

Screw the RIAA, this time with full commit history and all branches.

Updated 8 months ago

C 1 0

A simple pong-like game written in C with ncurses

Updated 9 months ago

Browser extension to show the latest Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Updated 10 months ago

Zig 0 0

simple TUI library in Zig

Updated 10 months ago

A literate programming tangler written in Go

Updated 12 months ago

A literate programming tool written in Rust

Updated 12 months ago

A literate programming utility written in Zig

Updated 12 months ago

CSV 0 0

Random Identity Generator.

Updated 1 year ago

Dhall 0 0

The normal cat utility, but colorized

Updated 1 year ago

PHP 1 0

Simple, text-based PHP chat system

Updated 1 year ago

HTML 0 0

The (old) website for

Updated 1 year ago