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Musical notes

A simple application to train converting written notes to their names.

Screenshot of TrainingActivity

As the image suggests, you see a image of a note and you have to select the correct name. If you selected the wrong name, then the button is disabled and you can guess again.

When doing this, you get a (high)score which is calculated using the time and the number of the mistakes.


This is a improved version of an App which I never published because it was to bad:

  • low quality (scanned) graphics
  • no Kotlin code (because that was not common at this time)

There are no plans for further improvments. If someones has got a idea which I like, then I accept pull requests. Otherwise, there are no changes to expect.


(Files for that are in the folder assets)

The notes and clefs were rendered using LilyPond to a PDF. This PDF was converted to an image and cut using the GNU Image Manipulation Program.


The note names are not equal everywhere, so was used to localize them.