Open infrastructure for our server
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JoinJabber infrastructure

In this repository, you will find everything we used to setup the JoinJabber infrastructure. This repository contains:

  • a central configuration file config.yml, where everything is configured
  • a script to apply these settings on a server (run as root)
  • a roles submodule containing Ansible recipes to implement the services

Setup and configuration

This repository should be cloned with submodules, for example git clone --recursive The documentation can be found in roles/, which will not exist if you forgot to clone submodules. In that case, you can run git submodule update --init --recursive to initialize and download the submodules.


A script is provided to make deploying easier. It's intended to be run as root from the server itself, and optionally accepts positional arguments representing a list of services to (re)configure, instead of following the services list defined in the configuration file:

# # Setup the server according to config.yml
# ./
# # Only reconfigure webserver
# ./ webserver

Copyleft (license)

This project is protected by AGPLv3 license. We believe the fruit of human labor should belong to humanity as a whole, and privatization of resources and knowledge is harmful. If you don't have time to read the full license, you may:

  • redistribute this project with or without further modification, under the same license
  • use this project to serve your personal needs, without restriction (if the user-facing services are used by anyone else but you, it is not considered personal usage and falls under the next category)
  • use this project to help/serve other persons, under the condition that you share every modification publicly under the same license