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This page details the ways in which you can help with the project. As per the heading, tasks detailed under High Priority are those that need immediate attention, whereas tasks of a lower priority are listed under Other Tasks. If there's anything here you think you can help with, or if you're just curious to get more detail, please do not hesitate to get in contact. The same applies if there's nothing here that tickles your fancy but you'd still like to help - we'll find something for you.

The best ways in which to contact can be found under Contact Us.

High Priority

OBS Production Supervisors

Our central OBS production server requires additional supervisors to help out on broadcast days. This is both to lighten the load for those that have been doing this so far and also to ensure we have cover at times when others aren't around.

The server is responsible for combining incoming streams and local media with Jnktn.tv overlays and is setup with automation to switch between programming as per the schedule. Supervisors are required to understand the production setup so as to be able to troubleshoot issues that arise, whether that be correcting errors made in the scheduling configuration, or helping resolve issues with incoming streams.

Those interested will have the entire system explained to them and will be able to shadow other supervisors in order to get up to speed. OBS experience is a plus but is no means a requirement.

Social Media Coordinators

We have social media accounts on Mastodon, Instagram and Twitter, and need multiple individuals to help out with our presence on all. Aside from posting the weekly schedule and giving programme updates on broadcast days (something we're aiming to automate eventually), it would be great to find people who are keen to put their own mark on our socials.

Respond to those that follow us, reach out to those that might want to be involved and make general posts to keep the accounts active and engaging.

Other Tasks

Web Developers

We aim for simplicity when it comes to the website. Making do without much web development experience, we've built the site around the two main features; the video and chat. Although we do want keep the site simple, opting for HTML & CSS with as little Javascript as possible, there is plenty of space for improvement. If you would like to help make such improvements to the site, whether that be to fix something, change the design or develop new features, let us know. PR's are welcome!

Suggestions & Feedback

As a community project, we welcome any suggestions and feedback that people may have in regards to Jnktn.tv. Whatever it is, drop us a line. Your feedback may very well be used to develop and make improvements to the project!

Contact Us

The best way to contact us is to send us an email, since our inbox is actively monitored. Our email address is info[at]jnktn[dot]tv.

There is also the Jnktn.tv Chat room on Matrix, which is open for anybody to join. https://matrix.to/#/!uEoQmVMJyQQZyaMUmy:matrix.org

You can also get us on social media.