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Jan-Lukas Else 5bac6cf0f1 Update dependencies 2 years ago
.drone.yml Add drone CI 2 years ago
.gitignore Upgrades 3 years ago
Dockerfile Update dependencies 2 years ago
config.go Remove Telegram 2 years ago
entry.go Add alternative way to add image alt text 2 years ago
go.mod Update dependencies 2 years ago
go.sum Update dependencies 2 years ago
imagecompression.go Revert "Simplify image compression" 2 years ago
main.go Remove webmentions 2 years ago
mediaendpoint.go Improvements 2 years ago
mediastorage.go Fix BunnyCDN media upload 2 years ago
microformat.go Support alternative text for photos 3 years ago
micropub.go Remove CDN purgin 2 years ago
post.go Update dependencies 2 years ago
storage.go Prevent empty commits and webmention spam 2 years ago
validation.go Improvements 2 years ago
validation_test.go Add some testing 3 years ago