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The Guttman-Green R-tree spatial indexing algorithm, as a library

Updated 14 hours ago

Cahiers du Cinéma, index of reviews

Updated 1 day ago

Python extension for the R-tree spatial index of Guttman-Green

Updated 5 days ago

Plot two-dimensional vector fields with curved arrows

Updated 1 week ago

Example plots by vfplot 2

Updated 1 week ago

Convert and manipulate colour gradients

Updated 2 weeks ago

Ruby interface to librtree

Updated 4 weeks ago

The maxmod algorithm, C99 version

Updated 2 months ago

A C library for streaming medians

Updated 2 months ago

Numeric treatment of multivariate polynomials in Python, Matlab, Octave

Updated 2 months ago

Generate a stub sushi project

Updated 3 months ago

Colour gradient conversion server

Updated 4 months ago

A Ruby extension for GMT5/6

Updated 4 months ago

The (𝑝, 𝑞)-operator norm of real matrices

Updated 2 years ago

The semi-degenerate Perram-Wertheim contact function

Updated 3 years ago