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A RESTful interface to hardware.

RESTMetal falls somewhere in-between RESTduino and JSFS.

Like RESTduino, RESTMetal provides a RESTful interface to the hardware resources of the device it runs on (a technique pioneered by RESTduino). This removes the need for device-specific IDEs, languages and electrical connections and instead allows the device to be controlled through HTTP requests from a client-side web application or any other system capable of issuing HTTP requests.

Like JSFS, RESTMetal provides a RESTful interface for storing and retrieving files, allowing client-side web applications to persist data. In addition to storage, RESTMetal expands on JSFS by adding an executable flag, allowing code stored in RESTMetal's filesystem to be executed directly on the device running RESTMetal. These executable files can be triggered by a client application (via HTTP request), or by events internal to the RESTMetal device such as a hardware interrupt, timer, etc.

RESTMetal is written in Python and currently targets devices running MicroPython. A more general-purpose version targeting standard Python installations is on the roadmap, but resources are currently concentrated on delivering a functional, reliable release for MicroPython devices.