Replica, primary development repository is
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Initial entry.

I've been noodling on NextBook for a long time, but I think this is the first time I've created a specific repository for the work. I'm capturing the current thinking in the and I'll be gathering-up any notes I have elsewhere as I piece this repository together.

I'm not entirely sure what will be contained here since NextBook consists of a number of large parts that probably don't belong in a git repository. OTOH I don't know how best to manage a distro, which is essentially what most of this will be, so I guess we'll see what happens.

For now I'll be using this as the central point for keeping a log, documenting the overall project and storing any code/hacks/etc. that go into assembling a prototype system.

On that front (prototype) there's plenty of directions to explore. Maybe the first is to get a current NextCloud instance up-and-running, because it's been awhile since I've used it regularly and I want to leverage as much of the existing code as I can.

After that I should probably turn my attention to getting RESTMetal working well enough to provide at least the essential local resource access so I can start fleshing-out the NextBook-specific NextCloud apps (restart/shutdown, WiFi config and a battery monitor are first on the list).

It would also be fun to start pieceing a machine together, just enough Debian to make Firefox run, and play with Firefox configuration to see how far we can get w/o having to modify any actual code.

Update git params.


Found a cool little project that has a lot of the pieces I need to put this together:

It's Arch based, so that's a pretty big departure from what I'm most familiar with (Debian) but if I can learn enough to make the hardware work, that'a all I really need out of the basic distro.