My personal dotfiles
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MacOS setup notes

In addition to nix and home-manager, which can be used to install any nix-supported software on MacOS, a few other things are required to be installed manually/through different means.


Add nix-installed fish to valid shells:

Add /Users/jeyj0/.nix-profile/bin/fish to /etc/shells.

Run $ chsh -s /Users/jeyj0/.nix-profile/bin/fish.


Homebrew is a MacOS package manager that is inferior to nix overall, however it does include support for some packages that nix doesn't support.

Check for how to install Homebrew.

Homebrew packages

I use the following packages, which can be installed via $ brew install PACKAGENAME:

  • syncthing
    • $ brew services start syncthing (to start the syncthing service immediately and on login)
  • lxc

Other programs


For remapping the keyboard in advanced ways.

I also have a home-manager part for goku, a configuration language for karabiner. Add a "Goku" profile in the karabiner GUI for that to work.