My personal dotfiles
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# dot-files
This is my personal .dot-files repository, where all my custom dotfiles and installation scripts go.
To use it, clone the repo directly into the home directory.
## Usage
1. Download/clone this repository
2. Have nix installed and flakes enabled
3. Use `nix develop` to enter a shell with all requirements
4. Use `dot-*` commands to build, apply, or update the contained configurations
## How to get around the git conflict
To download and build this repository, you need git (because nix flakes depends on it).
However, activating a home-manager configuration including git conflicts with a possible git installed via `nix-env -iA nixos.git`.
To solve this, you need to split building and activating the home-manager configuration into two steps, uninstalling the `nix-env` git in-between:
nix-env -iA git # in case you haven't already
git clone ... # clone this repository using git
nix --extra-experimental-features "nix-command flakes" develop # enter a nix shell (enabling required experimental nix features)
dot-build-home # build the home-manager configuration
nix-env -e git-minimal # remove the nix-env git again
./result/activate # activate the home-manager installation that includes git
## WIP Note
The `.config` and `old-nix-structure` folders are left-over from the old way I managed my dotfiles, which assumed this directory to be cloned into `~` directly.
I am slowly working through everything, starting by moving everything inside `.config` into `modules/home-manager/`. That is the last thing required before `~` does not have to be a home directory anymore.
Afterwards, everything inside `old-nix-structure` needs to be moved into `modules/` and `collections/`, as well as some other folders, most likely.