My personal dotfiles
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Jannis Jorre 48e3a1bc61 install file-roller, a gui archive manager 2 months ago
Thunar add xfce4-14 settings 2 years ago
VSCodium continued VSCodium config 1 year ago
alacritty explicitly configure all alacritty font options 8 months ago
autostart don't autostart Nextcloud 11 months ago
coc update coc extensions 11 months ago
configtemplates remove gcloud info from shell prompt 10 months ago
doom enable completion-at-point from org-roam 8 months ago
fish track fish universal variables 6 months ago
git make git's default channel main for new repos 7 months ago
home-manager install file-roller, a gui archive manager 2 months ago
i3 add mapping for firefox for i3 1 year ago
i3blocks use i3blocks for i3 status bar 2 years ago
nixpkgs further configure home-manager for mac 9 months ago
nvim expand nvim plugins for neovim 0.5 upwards 7 months ago
polybar add brightness module to polybar 1 year ago
qutebrowser properly configure qutebrowser a bit more 10 months ago
ranger enable image preview for ranger 1 year ago
rofi configure rofi as application starter (and theme it) 1 year ago
xfce4 set default file manager to thunar 6 months ago
xmobar add xmobar configuration for desktop monitors 10 months ago
.gitignore track mimeapps list 3 months ago
compton.conf disable blurring by compton for performance reasons 1 year ago
mimeapps.list track mimeapps list 3 months ago
picom.conf track picom configuration 10 months ago