Accumulated tool collection of J.Engelhardt
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Jan Engelhardt f63d0cb02d hxtools 20230411 2 months ago
data data: add SIGTSTP to gdbinit ignore list 7 months ago
doc hxtools 20230411 2 months ago
examples Split a set of files off to new repository consoleet-utils 7 months ago
kbd doc: more information on uefi.psf 7 months ago
sadmin utmp_register: guard glibc wtmp calls on other OSes 6 months ago
sdevel bin2c: resolve NULL deref when no -H parameter is given 3 months ago
smath Replace blurbs by SPDX tags 7 months ago
smm gpsh: avoid spurious "mkvmerge failed" report 3 months ago
suser wktimer: stop restamping on -S, introduce -X for it 2 months ago
.gitignore hxtools 20221120 6 months ago
LICENSE.GPL2 Add license text 16 years ago
LICENSE.GPL3 Add license text (follow-up to r50) 16 years ago
LICENSE.MIT Replace WTFPL by MIT 7 months ago
LICENSES.txt sdevel: delete cctypeinfo 6 months ago hxtools 20221120 6 months ago
NEWS.rst doc: move NEWS/changelog to rST 2 years ago
README.rst Add README.rst 6 months ago Remove autom4te caches on regeneration 16 years ago hxtools 20230411 2 months ago



Accumulated tool collection of J.Engelhardt.

Building notes

pkg-config is needed before autoreconf -fi will succeed.