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0.5.2 release

Fix preformatted regression caused by new gemtext parser

  • The old parser always inserted an empty newline at the end of every preformatted block
  • This was being compensated for by truncating the block by one character
  • Without the trailing newline, this was truncating the fina non-whitespace character of every preformatted block
  • The fix removes the truncation.
    • Bonus - the variable is now immutable.

0.5.0 release

  • add connect_request_input_sensitive method
  • use colored icons next to links to show different protocols
  • link rendering - common code moved into traits for re-use
  • add initial support for Spartan protocol
  • add connect_request_upload method
  • gemini::parser - add Spartan prompt line support
  • finish Spartan upload support
  • Gemini/Spartan - double check file mime type and attempt to handle in application before falling back to downloading
  • Gemini - rewrite of parser
    • Consecutive blockquote lines are grouped together
    • Reduced allocations by specifying lifetimes for &str's
    • main parser loop is significantly shorter, with no nested loop

0.4.0 release

  • improved handling up "request-download" signal
  • significant code cleanups
  • Simplify imports
  • Fix broken tests