A Gemini protocol browser in a Gtk+ widget (gtk4-rs)
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GemView is a gemini protocol browser widget for gtk+ (version 4) implemented in Rust.


  • Browse and render gemini gemtext content
  • Display plain text over gemini
  • Display images over gemini
  • Display text and images from data:// url's
  • Browse and render gopher maps, plain text and images over gopher
  • Display finger protocol content
  • Browse local files and directories via 'file://' url's
  • Spartan protocol support
  • Open http(s) links in a normal browser
  • User customizable fonts
  • User customizable colors (via CSS)
  • Back/forward list
  • History


gemview = 0.2.0

version = "~0.4"
package = "gtk4"
use gemview::GemView;
use gtk::prelude::*;

let browser = GemView::default();
let scroller = gtk::builders::ScrolledWindowBuilder::new()
let window = gtk::builders::WindowBuilder::new()