Nathan Fisher jeang3nie

My gemini capsule at using Vostok

Updated 9 hours ago

A Misfin client/server library in Rust

Updated 17 hours ago

Gfret enerates an svg image template of a stringed instrument fretboard.

Updated 5 days ago

Simple text editor

Updated 6 days ago

A Spartan protocol server

Updated 1 week ago

An embedded installer for Rust binaries

Updated 3 weeks ago

My blog

Updated 1 month ago

The `Box Store MultiTool of Embedded Linux`

Updated 1 month ago

Eva (as in extra vehicular activity, or spacewalk) is a Gemini protocol browser in Gtk4.

Updated 2 months ago

A Gemini protocol browser in a Gtk+ widget (gtk4-rs)

Updated 3 months ago

A simple sudo replacement

Updated 3 months ago

A Smallweb client library handling Finger, Gopher, Spartan and Gemini protocols as well as file:// and data:// url's.

Updated 3 months ago

Dead simple rgba and hexadecimal color library with conversions between types.

Updated 3 months ago

A Rust library for generating an SVG template of a stringed musical instrument fretboard

Updated 3 months ago

Static gemini capsule generator

Updated 3 months ago