Custom chai assertions and language chains for vue-test-utils
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Chai plugin for Vue Test utils NPM version Build Status

This plugin adds assertions and language chains to chai for the Vue Test Utils.

Please note: This package is in early development. Please create an issue, if you experience any bugs or if you are missing a feature.


These custom assertions make your tests more readable and they provide better error messages in case of an error.


const wrapper = mount(MyComponent)

// instead of
// in case of an error it would throw:
// 1. AssertionError: expected 'bar' to equal 'foo'
// 2. AssertionError: expected true to be false

// write
// in case of an error it would throw:
// 1. AssertionError: Wrapper attributes: expected { Object (class) } to have property 'id'
// 2. AssertionError: expected { Object () } not to be empty, but it was


First install this package:

npm install --save-dev vue-test-chai

Then edit or create the setup script of your test runner (e.g. setup.js):

const chai = require('chai')
const vueTestChai = require('vue-test-chai')


You can include any file in mocha using the --require flag.