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Uberspace Receipt Downloader

A minimal script which helps you download ALL of your receipts.


Since the script is using the Fetch API and the ES6 feature "Object Shorthand property names" you need a modern browser.

E.g. Chrome >= 48, Firefox >= 39 See:


  1. Log-in to your Uberspace account
  2. Navigate to accounting page (
  3. Edit the receipt_address in index.js script which should be printed on your receipt. IMPORTANT: You cannot change the address once you run the script!
  4. Open the developer tools of your browser (windows: F12, maxOS: CMD + SHIFT + I)
  5. Copy the script in the Console tab of the developer tools
  6. Finally: run the script by pressing the RETURN key


Use on your own risk!

This script might break in the future if Uberspace changes its accounting page.


Unlicense, public domain (see UNLICENSE)