finfo_file shows wrong mime-type for .tga file.
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BUILD=docker build -t php-bug-78183
RUN=docker run --rm -t php-bug-78183
IMAGES:=$(shell docker images | grep php-bug-78183 | awk '{ n=$$1":"$$2; print n }')
.PHONY: all clean
all: run/7.2-cli run/7.3-cli run/7.4-rc-cli
@echo finished
build/%: Dockerfile src/script.php
$(BUILD):$* . --build-arg DOCKER_PHP_VER=$*
run/%: build/%
@echo ==========================================
@echo Running $*
@echo ------------------------------------------
$(RUN):$* php -r 'phpinfo(INFO_MODULES);' | sed -n '/fileinfo/,/libmagic/p'
$(RUN):$* file -v
@echo ==========================================
@echo Deleting images:
@echo $(IMAGES)
docker rmi $(IMAGES)