A monokai osx terminal app theme
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Monokai OSX Terminal Theme

This repository contains a theme for the osx terminal app in Monokai style.


Just clone this repository or download the Monokai.terminal file and import it in your terminal app.


On startup the terminal runs:

export PS1="\[\033[38;5;45m\]\u\[$(tput sgr0)\]\[\033[38;5;15m\]@\[$(tput sgr0)\]\[\033[38;5;198m\]\h\[$(tput sgr0)\]\[\033[38;5;15m\]:\[$(tput sgr0)\]\[\033[38;5;83m\]\W\[$(tput sgr0)\]\[\033[38;5;15m\] \[$(tput sgr0)\]\[\033[38;5;202m\]\\$\[$(tput sgr0)\]\[\033[38;5;15m\] \[$(tput sgr0)\]" && clear

to set up the prompting style. This could override your exports in your .bash_profile or .bashrc.