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Official Flang Rules

These are the official rules of the flang board game. However it's possible that they change a bit as this game is still in development.


The setup board for flang looks like this:


Like for most board games a turn consists of moving one of the own pieces. In Flang there are the following types:

  • King: can move in any direction but only one square
  • Uni: can move horizontal, diagonal and in the same way as a horse does.
  • Flanger: moves in zigzag lines.
  • Horse: can move just like the Knight in chess.
  • Pawn: the pawn can move only forward: straight ahead or diagonally.


The unique thing about flang is the freeze mechanic. Once you move one of your pieces, it cannot be moved in your next turn because it is frozen except for the king. The king cannot be frozen. Usually frozen pieces are marked with a cyan color.


When one of your pawns reches the baseline of your opponent, it will get promoted to a Uni.


In flang you win if:

  1. you capture the king of your opponent
  2. your king reaches the opponent's baseline
  3. the opponent resigns.

There is no check in flang. This means if a piece threatens your king you don't have to move your king out of the way.

That's it! You can try flang now by downloading the Flang Android app