This repository holds a basic neovim configuration.
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Configuration files for NeoVim.

A basic configuration for neovim with plugins managed by vim-plug.

Please note that this configuration is intended for usage on BSD or Linux systems. For windows several adjustments would need to be made and a lot of plugins would not work.


  • NeoVim
  • curl must be installed for automated vim-plug installation

Some plugins may need additional requirements. Please refer to their documentation for details.


If you want to use just one instance of NeoVim you’ll have to use the neovim-remote tool currently.

Simply install it via pip3 install --user --upgrade neovim-remote and you can start using it.

Remoting quickstart

Fire up neovim and set a socket via

% NVIM_LISTEN_ADDRESS=~/tmp/nvimsocket nvim

Now you can use the nvr command to open files remotely for example like this:

% NVIM_LISTEN_ADDRESS=~/tmp/nvimsocket nvr --remote-tab file1 file2

An alias like nv='nvr --remote-tab +'\''set bufhidden=delete'\' will allow you to open files like this: nv file1

Please refer to the neovim-remote documentation for more detailed instructions.


To use the included snippets just copy the UltiSnips directory into your neovim folder (for example: ~/.config/nvim/UltiSnips).