Random Identity Generator.
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Generate a random identity.

This is a small tool which will generate a random identity.

Currently it will only generate names common in germany with a matching postal code and city name.

Please see CONTRIBUTING.md for details how to to contribute to the project.


This program is distributed under 3-Clause BSD license. See the file LICENSE for details.


To simply install the binary just issue the cargo install random-identity-generator command which will place the executable rig into your $PATH.

From source code

Either create a binary with cargo build --release and copy it to a place of your liking or use the cargo install --path . command which will install it into $HOME/.cargo/bin.


% rig -h
Random Identity Generator 1.0.0
Generate a random identity.

    rig [country]

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    <country>    Pick sources for a specific country.
% rig
Eva Schmitt, 12165 Berlin
% rig
Noah König, 6556 Ringleben