Generate server names from various sources.
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Generate a server name.

Official Crate

This is a small tool which will generate a suggestion for a server name. You may specify the domain and the name source pool as parameters.

Please see for details how to to contribute to the project.


This program is distributed under 3-Clause BSD license. See the file LICENSE for details.


To simply install the binary just issue the cargo install gen-server-name command.

From source code

Either create a binary with cargo build --release and copy it to a place of your liking or use the cargo install --path . command which will install it into $HOME/.cargo/bin.


% gen-server-name
% gen-server-name
% gen-server-name agreek
% gen-server-name aroman
% gen-server-name darkwing
% gen-server-name islands
% gen-server-name lotr
% gen-server-name starwars
% gen-server-name wot

The program has basic help compiled in.

% gen-server-name -h
Generate Server Name 1.0.4
Generate a server name suggestion based on source pool and given domain.

    gen-server-name [ARGS]

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    <domain>    The domain to append to the server name.
    <source>    The source for the name suggestions. Either all, agreek, aroman, darkwing, islands, lotr,
                shakespeare, sw or wot. Alternative specification is 'ancient greek', 'ancient roman', 'darkwing
                duck', 'islands of japan', 'lord of the rings', 'william shakespeare', 'starwars', 'star wars' or
                'wheel of time'.