A library which provides tooling to extract schema and structure information from a variety of databases.
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Contribution guide

This project has adopted the Collective Code Construction Contract (C4.2) for contributing. Please read it before sending patches.

Everyone is expected to follow the Scala Code of Conduct when dicussing the project on the available communication channels. If you are being harassed, please contact us immediately so that we can support you.

Additions to C4.2

  1. This project uses the MPLv2 license (see LICENSE).

  2. Contributors are listed in the file AUTHORS.md. Add yourself if you have contributed.

  3. Please maintain the existing code style and try to keep your commits small and focused. The scalafmt tool SHALL be used to format the code according to the code style definition in the .scalafmt.conf file.

  4. Please rebase your branch if the project diverges from your branch.

  5. Before a pull request is merged the commits done on the feature branch SHOULD be squashed into a single commit.

  6. Changes are documented in the file CHANGELOG.md. Please use the section Unreleased to note your changes.

Release guide

The changes in the section Unreleased in the CHANGELOG.md file MUST be moved to a section named after the release and a new empty Unreleased section MUST be created.

A release SHALL be accompanied by an annotated tag (git tag -a NAME) that holds a description of the changes that are included in the release. This description SHOULD be same as in the file CHANGELOG.md.