A simple list of countries for scala projects.
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A list of countries.


This library simply provides a list of countries as data models.

In case you need a basic country model or simply a list which should contain most (if not all) countries then we got you covered.

The basic model looks like this:

sealed abstract class Country(
  val alpha2: Alpha2CountryCode,
  val alpha3: Alpha3CountryCode,
  val name: CountryName,
  val nameOfficial: StateName,
  val numeric: NumericCountryCode,
  val tld: List[TopLevelDomain]


The following libraries are used and expected to be provided by your project:

  • Cats
  • Circe
  • Enumeratum
  • Refined


scala> import com.wegtam.countries._, eu.timepit.refined.auto._
scala> Country.values.headOption
res0: Option[com.wegtam.countries.Country] = Some(Afghanistan)
scala> Country.fromAlpha2("DE")
res1: Either[String,com.wegtam.countries.Country] = Right(Germany)
scala> Country.fromAlpha2("XX")
res2: Either[String,com.wegtam.countries.Country] = Left(No such country!)
scala> Country.fromAlpha3("ESH")
res3: Either[String,com.wegtam.countries.Country] = Right(WesternSahara)
scala> Country.fromNumeric("858")
res4: Either[String,com.wegtam.countries.Country] = Right(Uruguay)
scala> import codecs.circe.alpha2._, io.circe.syntax._
scala> Country.fromNumeric("858").map(_.asJson)
res5: scala.util.Either[String,io.circe.Json] = Right("UY")

Circe Codecs

Because quite often you need JSON, we provide several codecs. Please import the ones that you prefer. Currently three codecs are provided:

  1. decode / encode from / to the alpha-2 country code (codecs.circe.alpha2)
  2. decode / encode from / to the alpha-3 country code (codecs.circe.alpha3)
  3. decode / encode from / to the numeric country code (codecs.circe.numeric)

Please note that the "numeric" encoder will still produce strings because there are codec with leading zeros!

Getting started

Just add the bintray resolver to your build configuration to be able to include the library.

resolvers += "Wegtam-Free" at "https://dl.bintray.com/wegtam/free"
libraryDependencies += "com.wegtam" %% "countries" % VERSION

For development and testing you need to install sbt. Please see CONTRIBUTING.md for details how to to contribute to the project.