Source code of the book Advanced Web Development with Scala.
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Advanced Web Development with Scala

This repository contains the source code for the book "Advanced Web Development with Scala" which is available on Leanpub:


The folder manuscript contains the book source code and other resources like images.

This book uses pandoc and the pandoc-latex-environment. The latter can be installed using the following command:

% pip-3.7 install --user --upgrade pandoc-latex-environment

Build Tooling

All project modules can be compiled, run and tested via sbt. Just open a terminal in the service folder and start the sbt shell.

If you are using the IntelliJ IDEA development environment then you will need to install the Scala plugin for it. Afterwards you should be able to create IDEA projects by using the "Import Project" feature and point it to the service folder.

Copyleft Notice

This book uses the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license. The code snippets in this book are licensed under CC0 which means you can use them without restriction. Excerpts from libraries maintain their license.