The website for the micro fiction games jam.
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<h1>Micro Fiction Games Jam</h1>
<p>The micro fiction games jam is intended to be a yearly game jam where people write and submit <i>very</i> short format games, on a theme, just for fun.</p>
<p>By very short format games what we mean is any game (ttrpg, larp, tabletop...) that will fit entirely in a single tweet (280 characters).
Games must be actionable! once someone has read the game text they should be able to infer how the game is played and be able to go ahead and play it.</p>
<h2>This years theme!</h2>
<h2>Submit a game to the jam</h2>
<p><a href="">Submissions for the 2020 jam are now open!</a><br></p>
<p>When you submit a game it will not appear on the website instantly. I have to put the pages together for each entry by hand and upload them in my free time. Please be patient with me while I get all of the admin done behind the scenes, your game will appear it just might take a while. Thanks for your patience.<p/>
<p>Links to lists of the previous jams entries!</p>
<a href="">Flora, Fauna and Environment (2020)</a><br>
<p> The jam has closed for 2020. We willl return in 2021 with another theme so keep watching this space for details of when the jam wil be taking place.</p>
<p> I want to say a big thank you to everyone that took part in the jam in 2020 whether you submitted a game or not. Please take a moment to go and check out the games that were submitted and also then go and check out the creators themselves, they are making great games.</p>
<h2>Who can enter?</h2>
<p>Everyone is welcome to submit a game to the jam! It doesn't matter if you are a well seasoned designer or if this is your first ever try, you are welcome to have a go and submit a game.</p>
<h2>What can I enter?</h2>
<p>Any game consisting of 280 characters or less!</p>
<p>We will not however accept any entries that contain racist, sexist, homophohbic, transphobic, ageist or ableist themes. That content is not welcome and nor are the people that create it. We reserve the right to reject entries as we see fit without warning.</p>
<h2>How can I enter?</h2>
<p>The date that the jam will start will be posted on this page. On that date the theme for this years jam will be announced and a submissions page will go live. Simply fill in the form to submit your game
to the jam. Submissions will remain open for 2 weeks, so get in quick!</p>
<p>Once you submit your game it will be given it's own page in that years submissions section. Be patient as it doesnt appear right away, I am creating the
pages by hand so there is a delay before your entry appears.</p>
<p>When you submit your game to the jam you agree that it is to be shared under the <A href="">Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License</a>. By submitting under the license, others will be free to build on your entry, providing that they attribute you and link back to the original work. That also means that you may do the same with anyone else's game. The point of this is to promote collaboration and creativity within the design community as well as allowing us to host the game on this site.</p>
<p>Don't submit anything to the jam that you think would make you a small fortune or that you wouldnt mind others using as a basis of their own work. This jam was never inteded as a money making experience but the as a fun creative outlet that might trigger a few interesting design ideas in both yourself and others.</p>
<p><a href="">twitter</a> | <a href="">email list</a> | <a href="">source</a></p>