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<!DOCTYPE html>
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<pre> curl -s CLOG_ADDRESS_HERE </pre><br><br><br>
<!-- ^ADD YOUR SITE ABOVE THIS DONT FORGET THE <br> on the end!^ -->
A clog is a tiny blog that is read in the terminal using curl (curl + blog = clog).<br>
You can read one by adding one of the addresses above to the end of the command "curl -s" <br>
<h1>Can I have a clog?</h1>
YES! <a href="">Follw the instructions here!</a>
<h1>Can I get my clog listed here? </h1>
You can. <br>
Your clog must reference back to being a member of this clogring in your index header.<br>
No clogs that contain racist, sexist, ableist or otherwise discriminatory or illegal content will be accepted.<br>
You can add you page by putting it in the list of pages ^up there^ and opening a pull request!
Why not?