A markdown editor.
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A small markdown editor that is keyboard driven. If follows githubs markdown style.

Screen shot of editor in action

The editor has 2 editing modes. Dual display mode where the editor and preview are side by side. As you type into the editor your changes are updated in the preview. As sometimes while writing a constantly updating preview can be distracting so there is also a single display mode. In single display only either the editor or the preview will be shown and can be swapped between using the tab key.

Keyboard control

  • meta+o -> Open.
  • meta+n -> New file.
  • meta+s -> Save.
  • meta+S -> Save as.
  • meta+> -> Cursor to next heading.
  • meta+< -> Cursor to previous heading.
  • meta+d -> Toggle dual display mode.
  • tab -> in single edit mode this key will change between edit or preview.

Libs used

Ecosystem Themes engine by Hundred rabits. Download a theme file and drag it onto the window to apply the theme.

Remarkable markdown parser.

Build and run

Clone with

git clone https://github.com/jameschip/Autograph.git

Then do

npm install

and run with

npm start