A Python-based version of Mǽrstánas, a FLOSS abstract strategy game. https://maerstanas-python.fly.dev
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Mǽrstánas is a free libre open source abstract strategy game. Gameplay involves players alternately placing stones within the squares of a 7x7 grid with the goal of creating connection points between their own pieces. Scoring is based on the number of these connections.

Development happens on Codeberg with a mirror hosted on GitHub.

Mǽrstánas means boundary stones in Anglo-Saxon (Old English).

Project goals

The original goals of this project were simple. I wanted to improve my ability to code in Python by building a game. Since then, Mǽrstánas has evolved from a terminal app to being implemented in Pygame. As I've gotten more involved with web development, I've rewritten the game as a Flask app, which is currently playable on Fly.io, and a Django version with multiplayer functionality is in the works.

As the Pygame version is no longer the focus, the branches of this repo are being reconfigured accordingly.

The new / current focus of this project is to:

  • improve the responsiveness / speed of the game
  • incorporate additional features based on more recent ruleset versions
  • grow the player base and gain user feedback
  • test out ideas to be incorporated into the Django version