Modular tools for the Masses!
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Modulus is a work-in-progress modular tool mod which tries to not replace vanilla tool systems & integrate with mods wherever possible. All tool manipulation is done within the inventory, where you break up your tool into parts and can freely change each part of the tool!

To edit a tool, right it with a tool hammer in your inventory. This will convert it into a modular tool and put it in edit mode. In edit mode, a box will show around your tool. You can take items out of it like a bundle! Once you're done, hit the tool with the hammer again and it will be usable!


  • Swap out parts of your tool to create combinations like an axe-hoe
  • Customize the rod of your tool, changing it's wood type

Upcoming features

  • Paint your tool with coatings made from rare vanilla resources to enhance it with unique powers!
  • Tag your tool with a ribbon of any dye color (maybe including pride flags in the future)
  • Repair your tool easier & reset your tool when it becomes too expensive!
  • Automatic mod support with registry analysis & palette swapping
  • Save your tool from the brink of death
  • New items and ways to make bows easier to use & more fun for survival play
  • New weapons & weird tools!

Like it's tools, |modulus| also aims to be modular. All features will be configurable on Quilt and new weapons will be contained within a separate mod for those who want those weapons without tool modularity!