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Welcome to phpDiveLog

phpDiveLog displays the information of your Palms AquaDiveLog logbook based on CSV files you generate with the Java Conduit shipped with AquaDiveLog or converted from your Subsurface data using the subvert script shipping with phpDiveLog. Providing some "magics" it allows you to combine these data with additional information, such as pictures or other external data sources.

phpDiveLog is Open Source and protected by the GPLv2.


  • AdminManual – The site administrators manual
  • CustomizationManual – The site administrators customization manual
  • DiverManual – The divers manual
  • UserManual – Explaining PDLs web interface and how to use it
  • Complete Manual – The complete manual as PDF file (English), also available in German. Note that these PDF manuals where last updated for v0.4.3 and hence are not reflecting later changes.

Download and Support

  • You can download the latest version from the releases/ page.
  • For bug reports and feature requests, please use the issue system (see navigation bar above)