1 Installation
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This chapter describes a quick start using a simple config (as simple as it can be for our purpose). If you need something more complex (e.g. if you want to use multiple catalogs to serve multiple languages separately), see the information further below.

  1. unpack the archive. Place the content into the folder opds directly below the DOCUMENT_ROOT of your web server.

  2. copy/rename config.simple.php to config.php and adjust it with your editor:

    • first block (Directories) can remain unchanged
    • second block (Book Covers) as well
    • in the third block (Web Service) replace "localhost" by the name/IP of the server (otherwise the catalog will work only locally on that machine, but not from your eBook-reader)
    • in the fourth block (Person Info) adjust the personal data.
  3. Prepare the database:

    • change into the folder install and
      • Linux: execute install.sh
      • Windows: execute all *.sql files using sqlite3
    • copy/move the resulting metadata.db to the directory one level up
  4. Prepare folder structure for your books:

    • change into the "books" folder

    • create a responding directory for each language you want to use (e.g. "de" for German, "en" for English...). You only need to create the directories for languages you plan to use.

    • in each language folder, create corresponding directories for Genres (e.g. "Computer", "Science Fiction", ...)

    • in the genre folders, create corresponding directories for the authors (e.g. "Jules Verne", "Paul Scheerbart", ...)

    • copy the books with the naming scheme