basic OPDS (and HTML) catalog provider for eBooks
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Specifying MetaData
For each book you can specify some additional MetaData placed in a file named
<bookname>.data (which must reside within the same directory as the book file
itself). Each line of this file specifies exactly one datum in the format
The following "names" are recognized and used:
title title of the book (can differ from the file name)
series collection a book belongs to (if there are multiple volumes)
series_index which volume in above collection is this book
isbn ISBN number for this book (may refer to the printed edition)
tag a tag for this book. You can specify multiple tags using
multiple lines (see example below)
author additional author. As with the tags, multiple occurences
are possible.
rating Rating of this book. Must be an integer between 1..5
publisher Publisher of this book
uri Web URL for additional information (usually the publishers)
A fake example:
series::Babylon 5
tag::Science Fiction
author::Someone Else
publisher::Publisher Info