• Stable v2.5.0 d069e09bce

    v2.5.0 (19.10.2020)

    izzy released this 1 year ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    • basic support for donations (buttons for e.g. Bitcoin or Liberapay on book page)
    • a bunch of minor fixes
    • project moved to Codeberg (footer updated)
    • sample configs: change default for scan_dbmode to 'merge' (long overdue, works fine here for 6+ years)
    • simple sample config: Monetarization via Amazon is too heavy for "simple". Replaced by new donation model.
    • fixing obsoleted preg_replace with corresponding callbacks
    • implement Asap's image caching for more privacy (no idea why that was missed in v2.3.0)
    • adjust asap_genres.json.sample to PA API 5 (some category names were changed)
    • make use of PAAPI5 content language implemented by Asap v0.5.0+
    • update search services to https, remove broken ones and add some new