• Stable v2.0.0 f477823eac

    v2.0.0 (03.04.2015)

    izzy released this 7 years ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    • removing lazyness (replacing {base}/?args by full {base}/index.php?args) to speed up processing by avoiding unnecessary Apache subrequests
    • last_update in title lists was wrongly set to that of the last book in list
    • catch "non-existing book ID exception" to display a clean page pointing this out
    • if bookdetails where requested via "name", and no matching book was found, do not show #0 but a correct error page
    • search results were not paging correctly (see issue #1 – search terms were lost on page switch)
    • w3c fix: unescaped entities in booksearch/isbnsearch URLs (and some more)
    • book page: style improvements for mobile devices
    • Let the metadata author tag overwrite the author name taken from the directory name (see issue #3 for details)