• Stable v1.9.0 20bb8a06ff

    v1.9.0 (27.10.2013)

    izzy released this 8 years ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    • added optional Amazon ads (decent!) to book details page
    • added search in comments (book descriptions)
    • when $booksearchservices are disabled (empty array), suppress the entire booksearch-line on HTML book page
    • in global booklist and search results, language was hardcoded ("book von author")
    • adding support for Flattr (see https://flattr.com/)
    • XML/OPDS requires tags in XHTML content divs to be all lower-case. Taking care for that now.
    • fix: some terms in tpl/opds/index.tpl have been hardcoded instead of using placeholders for translated terms (Mateusz)
    • fix: epub files with an apostroph in filename are generating warnings during scan (scan.php; Mateusz)
    • permitting more characters in searches, making them wildcards