• Stable v1.7.0 8590ad6130

    v1.7.0 (24.03.2012)

    izzy released this 10 years ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    • fix: last change of get_filenames() broke eBook download when book file was replaced but database not (yet) updated, as Content-Length (from database) did no longer match. To prevent this (admittedly rare cases), for Content-Length we revert to filesize()
    • fix: if multiple books had the same filename, scan only got the last one
    • SCAN: placing inserts into transactions (speedup inserts by factor 20!)
    • SCAN: added 'merge' mode (still experimental). Using this the scan process tries to figure out what has changed, and merge in these changes - as opposed to the 'rebuild' (as used up to now) which simply drops all information and builds all up from the scratch