basic OPDS (and HTML) catalog provider for eBooks
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miniCalOPe is a basic OPDS (and HTML) catalog provider for eBooks. It allows you to present your collection of eBooks (ePub & Mobi) on the net (LAN and/or WAN) in order for eBook readers to directly connect and download books, and also to allow people to access it with their web browsers to walk through it.

Start Page

This little program is (c)opyrighted by Andreas Itzchak Rehberg (devel AT izzysoft DOT de) and protected by the GNU Public License Version 2 (GPL). For details on the License see the file LICENSE in the doc/ directory. The contents of this archive may only be distributed all together.


miniCalOPe requires a web server powered by PHP 5.4+ with SQLite3 to present its data. For data collection and preparation, you will need the PHP CLI (again with SQLite3 support). If you want to integrate Amazon ads, miniCalOPe supports that via the Amazon Simple Api for PHP, which then must be installed in your PHP include_path.


No warranties at all :) For more, see also the other documentation files and man pages. If you think there's something missing here, don't hesitate to notify the author (me) about it - chances are quite good it will be added if possible. A good way to do this is to open an issue at the Project Page at Codeberg.

Additional Information

For additional information you may want to visit the wiki. To file a bug report, feature request or simply have a look at the current development, please use the issues tab on the project's page. To see miniCalOPe live in action, visit Izzy's eBook Library where you can find thousands of eBooks, available at no cost for your personal use.