1 Syntax Highlighting
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How it works

HyperSQL supports basic syntax highlighting – but this requires to consequently use some basic coding style rules: keywords need to be held all UPPERCASE to be recognized. As to my experience, this is part of "best practice": keywords uppercase, everything else lower case (or partially mixed), so this should be no real problem.

Keywords and their maintenance

It might very well be that HyperSQL does not know all SQL keywords, especially when it comes to "dialects". So if you encounter such cases, filing a ticket with the corresponding remarks is a good idea (so I can add them) - but not the only thing you can do. To have them immediately available, you can add them yourself:

There are two special files residing in the very same directory with HyperSQL.py: sql.keywords and sql.types. You can simply add entries to those files (one item per line - so if e.g. a keyword always is made up of multiple words, you can define it such (and the occurrence of only one of those words would not be encountered a "keyword", unless the remaining part(s) are there as well). SQL keywords should go to sql.keywords, and SQL data types to sql.types.