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What is HistView?

Short Variant

HistView parses "history" files and generates HTML pages – where "history files" are the ChangeLog text files maintained by developers.

Long Variant

As a software developer, you will maintain a list of changes. This is mostly refered to as "history file" or "ChangeLog", and is – again in most cases – a plain text file. Now when you release a new version, it would be nice to put the "list of changes" on your website, so the users can look whether they need the update or not. This is the time for HistView.

The most common syntax I found on these ChangeLog files is: Some "header" telling the version affected, followed by some "underlining", and then every change preceded by a modifier mark like "+" (new feature), "!" (bugfix), a.s.o. If your ChangeLog has this syntax - great, you're ready! Otherwise, it may be easier to bring it to this syntax then to convert it manually to HTML on each and every release …

Some features …

… include, amongst others:

  • Customize the "Look-and-Feel" with your personal stylesheet (CSS)
  • Replace the modifier marks with your "personally defined images"
  • Define your own modifier marks together with their images

More Information …

… can be found at the following places: