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79 Commits (master)

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  Izzy 46c7811f30 updating history file 1 year ago
  Izzy 207b6c5d56 fixing some PHP notices 1 year ago
  Izzy 6834b4dcac fixing short-tags and indentation (tabs-to-spaces) 2 years ago
  Izzy 62711b2523 removing duplicate license file 2 years ago
  Izzy e1ae968a3c Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 2 years ago
  Izzy 0e9c588484 Initial commit 2 years ago
  Izzy 2147bcf590 adding README 2 years ago
  Izzy f2c48ad777 ! some fixes for PHP 5.4 compatibility 5 years ago
  Izzy 22c104ab83 * class download: add REL=nofollow to download links 5 years ago
  Izzy ffa0284800 * minor adjustment in displayed version number (x.y.z-a instead of x.y.z.a) 7 years ago
  Izzy 48fd16f83e + added IP blacklist functionality to download class 10 years ago
  Izzy d24158967c ! download counter was broken: version number was no longer recorded 10 years ago
  Izzy cbbcdf1ebb * preparing release v0.1.8 10 years ago
  Izzy d73161daff * minor restructuring of the download class 10 years ago
  Izzy 4e074a75aa ! histview::set_max_relnum was doing nothing 10 years ago
  Izzy caa95b036b + adding possibility to map filenames to prognames for the download class 10 years ago
  Izzy ca5638c783 * replaced the E_USER_ERROR by E_USER_WARNING in the download class 10 years ago
  Izzy 9eb25c01b9 * updated docs and preparing new release 10 years ago
  Izzy 9594d87ca0 * renamed histview.inc to class.histview.inc 10 years ago
  Izzy 417e9b06bc * moved some configuration stuff from histview.inc to hvconfig 10 years ago
  Izzy 5e51b409e9 * improved recursion for whois lookup (non-standard ports) 10 years ago
  Izzy c8640526a4 + added noRefererActions and whois crawler network detection 10 years ago
  Izzy 07fed0805a * botlists updated 10 years ago
  Izzy 90fcb2767c * releasing v0.1.6 11 years ago
  Izzy 3a072c90c3 * copyright adjustment and some cleanup 11 years ago
  Izzy 279e60c2fc * updated URL of project home page 11 years ago
  Izzy a9030a5636 * statistic functions can now be disabled. When enabled, db-settings are rawly checked. 11 years ago
  Izzy 70e091bb5e * some cleanup 11 years ago
  Izzy 335295d242 * some cleanup 11 years ago
  Izzy 31c1bda82f * some cleanup 11 years ago
  Izzy 1bb80f6395 ! some security fixes: Use the cleaned-up vars to send files, not the _REQUEST 11 years ago
  Izzy ff5daf304e * some apidoc adjustments 11 years ago
  Izzy 54e8583843 + histview class now also uses the configuration file(s) 11 years ago
  Izzy 06179f7d1b + supporting local configuration file (to be included into the global one 11 years ago
  Izzy dcbb2acd14 * made download class using a config file (see ticket #2) 11 years ago
  Izzy eea131a5d5 + added possibility to reject/ignore bots (see ticket #1) 11 years ago
  Izzy 5f924e460e ! fixed Makefile for ApiDoc 11 years ago
  Izzy 14abd6afa5 * releasing v0.1.5 11 years ago
  Izzy 9d2445f6b8 - removed apidoc from SVN - will be generated from source on release 11 years ago
  Izzy b94815a2f3 + added CSS classes for the change details 11 years ago
  Izzy c256d87579 * urls fixed (site changes) 12 years ago
  Izzy 68b5a5f86f + added api reference for the download class 12 years ago
  Izzy 516ed1870a * updated filelist.css 12 years ago
  Izzy 681de59fa9 * using more precise method for removing link on uninstall 12 years ago
  Izzy 87a06b2ba4 *** empty log message *** 12 years ago
  Izzy f9bb261f5a initial check-in 12 years ago
  Izzy b2b32dde6c * released v0.1.4 12 years ago
  Izzy 41bc768959 * let the histview class (optionally) use the download class; img attribs conform w3c now; arg separator can be chosen now 12 years ago
  Izzy e9f2f542a3 initial check-in 12 years ago
  Izzy 9b63d621bb initial check-in 12 years ago