• Stable v0.2.7 bd4d4a82a9

    v0.2.7 (11.07.2008)

    izzy released this 15 years ago | 24 commits to master since this release

    • rman.sh create_standby: checking whether $ORACLE_HOME is set and update of tnsnames succeeds
    • rman.sh create_standby: init.ora adaptions: case insensitive search
    • rman.sh create_standby: create and xfer passwordfile, displaying output on FORCE LOGGING
    • rman.sh create_standby: more detailed output if creation of standby controlfile fails
    • fix: rman.sh create_standby: call to backup procedure failed (file extension missing)
    • fix: rman.sh: Logfile naming was incorrect in interactive mode
    • rman.sh restore_full: added check of listener and database state before the restore starts; making sure the database can be mounted; warn user if it is completely open
    • fix: rman.sh restore_full/restore_ctl: The scripts have not been aware that really everything except the backup could be lost (e.g. unrecoverable disk crash). Should work fine now (hopefully)
  • Stable v0.2.6 2d64635cc5

    v0.2.6 (25.02.2008)

    izzy released this 15 years ago | 34 commits to master since this release

    • rman.sh: new command restore_ctl to restore a lost controlfile either from a multiplexed copy (if available) or from backup (not yet completely tested)
    • rman.sh: split up menu (got to large)
    • fix: rman.sh: some minor fixes (mainly concerning "DryRun" debug output)
    • rman.sh: added rmanw script which will be installed into your path (plus an adapted rmanrc to /etc) to be able to call it from anywhere
    • fix: ExportOracleDB: bzip2 compression was ignoring the --dryrun parameter
  • Stable v0.2.5 ab214043b5

    v0.2.5 (18.02.2008)

    izzy released this 15 years ago | 42 commits to master since this release

    • rman.sh: create_standby now first checks whether SPFILE is used and (if so) offers to first create PFILE from this to proceed with.
    • rman.sh: create_standby now also updates the primary database at the end of the process (to feed the standby etc.)
    • rman.sh: new command "switchover" to perform the switchover between primary and standby database
    • rman.sh: now comes with a menu when called w/o parameters (interactive mode)
    • rman.sh: some more code reorganization
  • Stable v0.2.4 92e6864b7e

    v0.2.4 (10.02.2008)

    izzy released this 15 years ago | 48 commits to master since this release

    • completely restructured the RMAN framework for a better UI handling. This uses the "dialog" tool if available (package "dialog" with most Linux distros), falling back to plain shell if not available (or configured otherwise)
    • rman.rc: default settings for UI (USEDIALOG) and timeout of dialog boxes
    • rman.sh: new parameters --[no]dialog to override settings for "dialog" usage
    • fix: rman.sh: backup_daily now checks the recovery window set by the corresponding rman*.conf file
    • rman.sh: create_standby now also creates the init.ora files and transfers the copy to the standby
    • rman.sh: config check (RMAN DB config) is no longer run on each call regardless of parameters - but only if jobs are called using that information
    • rman.sh: cleanup_obsolete now also obeys the --all option
    • rman.sh: Now we first make sure the rman and sqlplus utilities are found in the path before executing anything (to avoid stupid errors)
    • rman.sh: Added disclaimer (only shown on first execution of rman.sh)
    • rman.sh: create_standby now also can create the tnsnames.ora entry on both, the primary and standby host, plus mentions the optional entry for the listener.ora
  • Stable v0.2.3 13ad08fdbc

    v0.2.3 (05.02.2008)

    izzy released this 15 years ago | 60 commits to master since this release

    • rman.sh: added the move_fra command to move the recovery area to a new location
    • rman.sh: create_standby now also copies backup files to new standby machine on demand (using scp), checks DB status and optionally starts up the database(s)
    • rman.sh: added the --all option to the backup_daily command (for hosts with multiple databases)
  • Stable v0.2.2 9c92ddb39b

    v0.2.2 (16.01.2008)

    izzy released this 15 years ago | 65 commits to master since this release

    • added the sqltune script (for Oracle 10g)
    • added script to list up undo records used by current processes
    • rman.sh: Added the create_standby command
    • analobj.sh: Added listing of index rebuild candidates
    • globalconf: Now you can specify an output directory
    • analobj.sh: Added more accurate listing for index rebuild candidates (when run with analyze - the other one runs without analyze, e.g. using the --noanalyze command line option)
  • Stable v0.2.1 3d455bbb96

    v0.2.1 (21.10.2007)

    izzy released this 15 years ago | 73 commits to master since this release

    • fixed configuration issue with backup_daily (UNTIL TIME parameter was missing)
    • force_clean was incorrect
    • added script for full database export (with default options and optional compress)