Amazon simple Api for PHP
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Amazons Product Advertising API for PHP

This is a collection of PHP classes to enable you to access the Amazons Product Advertising API (PA API 5) easily from within PHP – with the goal of placing some ads on your site, so they generate you some money to make up for all the hard work you put into building and maintaining it, whenever a visitor clicks an ad and buys something at Amazon.

Other than the SDK offered by Amazon (which consists of 221 files summing up to 2.1M), with Asap you only need 3 files summing up to 30K. Integration should be much easier. The feature set is much smaller, too – but sufficient for most cases.

Further, using local caching and acting like a proxy, Asap respects the privacy of your visitors: there's no user-specific data transmitted to Amazon unless the user actively follows a link from the ad you've placed.

While this can be used as drop-in replacement for its predecessor for PA API 4 (which can still be found in the paapi4 branch), note that the CodeDiesel part has been dropped – and the project now comes under the Apache 2.0 license (instead of GPL 2).

In case you wonder about the name: AsAP stands for Amazon simple Api for PHP.

Where is it used?

You might wish to see for yourself what the outcome might be, so some example places are listed here (if you use Asap and want to be mentioned here, just let me know):


  • Amazon PartnerNet account
  • an associate ID you can generate at the PartnerNet site
  • a pair of public/private key you can create at the AWS site
  • PHP 7.0 or higher
  • some coding knowledge: this is an API, i.e. an Application Programmers Interface – not a ready-to-use application


This is based on the AWSv4 Signing class for PA API 5 provided by Amazon (in this code: awsv4.class.php). To avoid license conflicts (or mishmash), this project hence sticks to their Apache 2.0 license (other than my other projects, which usually come as GPL-2.0 licensed).

More details

For installation instructions, usage, and more, please refer to the file located in the doc/ sub-directory. To get an idea of how simple integration is, see the Example.php file, which offers you a simple and commented quick-start.