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You might have noticed, there is no fancy user-friendly GUI to Adebar, everything is working via config files and command-line stuff. Sorry for that.

Second sorry for not promising there will be one soon or at all. I lack the time to deal with that and rather concentrate on adding new features, if I get some more ideas :)

Still, that doesn't necessarily mean there will be no GUI. You might provide one, for example: Adebar is open-source, and the code is available at Codeberg. So you can fork the project, play with it, add a GUI, and send a pull-request „upstream“ (to me, that is).

Suggestion for implementing a GUI

Browsing the code, you might have seen the main script is not simply called adebar, but adebar-cli. That was done on purpose, with a GUI pendant in mind which should be named adebar-gui.

Interfacing with the CLI script shouldn't be a big deal. My "basic ideas" on how the GUI could work are:

  • Using a nice form, it asks the user for settings. It could provide means to read defaults from files and save them there (see the hints.md document on Configuration)
  • When the „Run“ button is pressed, it writes a temporary config file into the config/ directory, and passes its name to adebar-cli. When not using one of the user's explicitly stored configs (i.e. when using a „temporary file“), additionally to the options described the GUI defines the OUTDIR variable with what the user wanted it to be. So when „sourcing“ the config file, adebar-cli would be updated accordingly.
  • After adebar-cli is done, the „temporary config“ (if any) should be removed, unless the user requests it to be stored.

The GUI could capture STDOUT and STDERR from the CLI script to provide the user with feedback.

I possibly missed something here. If you find it, feel free to contact me: Of course I'm open to make adjustments, when needed, to help the GUI.