Android DEvice Backup And Report, using Bash and ADB.
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# Fixing 'adb restore' for devices with Android 7 (Nougat) and above
# Some of them don't restore a backup if the app itself isn't yet installed
# This script works around that by extracting and installing the APK
# before calling 'adb restore'
[[ -z "$1" ]] && {
echo -e "\n\033[1;37mabrestore\033[0"
echo "Working around 'adb restore' issues on Nougat and above"
echo "Syntax:"
echo -e " $0 <ADB Backup File>\n"
echo "Example:"
echo -e " $0\n"
exit 1
if [[ "$(ldd "$(which openssl)" | grep '^[[:space:]]*libz\.')" ]]; then #"
unzlib="openssl zlib -d"
unzlib="zlib-flate -uncompress"
# Getting the APK file
dd if="${1}" bs=24 skip=1 2>/dev/null | $unzlib | gzip -9 -c > "${pkgname}".tar
tar -xzf "${pkgname}.tar" --wildcards '*.apk' --strip-components=3
mv base.apk ${pkgname}.apk
rm -f "${pkgname}".tar
# Running Install and Restore
adb install ${pkgname}.apk
[[ $? -eq 0 ]] && rm ${pkgname}.apk
adb restore $1