Pre-filled AppCache for Adebar, see
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What is this?

This archive contains „app names“ for the appname-cache of Adebar – for system apps which come pre-installed on several devices. I've tried to apply a useful grouping, so you have it easier to pick only the ones you need.

How to use?

If you don't use Adebar, these files are probably not that useful to you. If however you're already using Adebar, they will make your better readable.

To install them, follow these steps:

  • unpack the archive into an empty directory
  • Adebar 1.6.0 and below:
    1. copy (or move) the files you think you'll need into Adebar's cache directory
    2. simply remove what remains, you can always pick it from the archive lateron
  • Adebar > 1.6.0:
    1. copy the files while keeping the directory structure (pick what matches your device(s)). Usually you will want to have the files directly from sysApps/* and the sysApps/Android folder. If you use Google apps, the sysApps/Google folder will be of interest. Additionally, pick the folder matching your device's vendor (if such folder does exist).
    2. simply remove what remains, you can always pick it from the archive lateron
    3. adjust the APPCACHESPLUS variable in your config to include the directories you've picked. It should e.g. read
      APPCACHESPLUS="sysApps sysApps/Android sysApps/Google"
      Note the names in this variable are relative to your CACHEDIR/appnames directory. Refer to the directory settings in Adebar's wiki for reference on the configuration settings.

To figure where the cache directory is, check your config(s) for the CACHEDIR variable. If that's not set, no cache is used – so you will first have to set it up. Refer to the corresponding Wiki page for details.

Files/directories from this archive must go to <cache>/appnames/. That's it. On the next run, Adebar will use them to display „human readable app names“ which hopefully tell a little more on what each app is for.

The sub-directories in this archive are:

  • Android: apps belonging to „stock Android“, so probably everyone will need these
  • BQ: for devices of the Spanish manufacturer BQ
  • CM: for users of CyanogenMod / LineageOS
  • CatSound: apps are usually installed on tablets from CatSound
  • Google: Unless you're running an Android without Google, these files are useful to you.
  • LG: for LG devices
  • Lenovo: for Lenovo tablets
  • MTK: apps shipped on devices with MTK chipsets
  • Motorola: apps specific to Motorola devices
  • QualComm: apps shipped on devices with QualComm chips
  • Samsung: the big ball of Samsung bloat (200+ picked from the S7 Edge, and I didn't find the rest)
  • Speadtrum: apps by Speadtrum (Chinese chipset vendor)
  • Wiko: for devices by the French manufacturer Wiko

Further references

For further names, you can also refer to What Android Apps(Bloatware) are Safe to Remove? – and take a look at the Universal Android Debloater.